From renting an apartment to getting auto insurance, your credit score and history can make a huge difference. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal it was reported that in a side by side comparison two men in their 30’s, both unemployed, both driving the same vehicle paid drastically differing insurance premiums based on their credit history. The young man who had no credit history paid premiums up to 65% higher than the young man who had an average credit rating. But car insurance isn’t the only product related to credit that you might be paying more for. Homeowners insurance is another costly expense if you have bad credit. Homeowners with less than great credit could face a rate up to 91% higher than someone with perfect credit. Even an average credit score pays up to 29% more for the same coverage. What does all this mean? It means that whether we like it or not, our credit scores are directly related to our financial growth. You should check your credit often, at least once a year. You can request a free copy from If you have bruised credit we can help. We offer products that will help your credit score improve and we can get you ready for that next purchase that requires a better score. We might even be able to help cut down some of those higher than average premiums with an improved score.