Did you know that the average credit card debit per adult is close to five thousand dollars? Now that same credit card has an average APR of 14%. This means that if you paid the minimum of $100 a month, it would take you about 300 months to pay it off. That is almost 25 years assuming you cut up the card and never use it again, very unlikely. And you have also paid over $6300 in interest, that’s more than the opening available balance you started with! Now consider a card with the same balance but an APR of 8% and you continue to make that $100 monthly payment, it would now take 200 months or 16 years, and you only pay $2200 in interest. And if you increase that minimum payment just a little each month the amount you save and the time it takes to pay it off is decreased substantially. The difference is shocking, and the solution is Access. If you have a credit card with an interest rate over 7.5% you should come see us. We offer cards with considerably lower rates than the competition, free balance transfers, free cash advances, and even credit building cards to help get you into that home you have been looking at. Our loan officers do all the work for you and we make switching over painless and hassle free. Give us a call at (806) 353-9999 and we can start saving you today.