Most of our members have been affected by the recent storms in the Texas Panahandle and even though it has been several months, everyone is still trying to get things settled with their insurance companies.

Here are a few helpful tips that may assist you with your insurance check once you have received it in the mail:

– Make sure all payees have signed before you bring the check to the Credit Union. Insurance checks must be endorsed by all parties before they can be negotiated. For example, a check made payable to John Doe and ABC Bank must have both endorsements before it can be negotiated at the credit union for use.

– If you plan on getting your car or roof fixed, it is always better to deposit your check in your Credit Union account several days before you need those funds. That way you can ensure that if any holds are placed on your check that they will be released by the time you need the money.

– Once you get your invoice from the Body Shop or Roofing Company, please bring those in so that we can make a cashier’s check specifically to that company.

If you have any questions or concerns about this please give us a call at 806-353-9999 or send us an email at