There are hundreds of ways that hackers try to get your personal information. They can steal your wallet, break into your home and even take the mail right out of your mailbox. These swindlers are relentless in their efforts and they will take any opportunity they can to take advantage of the unknowing consumer. Recently we have been made aware of another potential threat. We haven’t had any situations arise within our institution, but we like to provide you with up to date information so that you can take every step to safeguard your hard earned money. Crooks are now using smartphones to gain access to your personal information through the very popular and frequently downloaded Flashlight apps. If you look in the Apple or Google store there are several of these popular applications. Unsuspecting smartphone users download these additional apps and unknowingly give access to any personal information you have viewed through your phone. Many of us use mobile banking apps, shop online, and pay bills using our smartphones thus leaving the door to our personal information wide open if we are one of the many who have downloaded a flashlight app. Many phones come with a built in light and these are perfectly safe, it is only the flashlight apps that you find in the app stores that are potentially harmful. If you have downloaded one of these flashlights and it didn’t come pre-installed on your phone you can call your carrier and they will help you delete and reinstall your factory settings. Again we have not seen anything from any of our members regarding this new information, we just wanted to make you aware of any potential harms. You can never be too safe.
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