With the Easter holiday quickly approaching here are a few of the “10 Commandments for Saving Money” from dailyfinance.com.

1. Thou Shalt Know Where Thy Money Goes. Pay attention to what you are buying. High rate interest loans may be eating up valuable money or maybe you are spending more than you know on eating out. Sit down and do a serious evaluation of where your money is going each month or come in and let us help you tighten your financial belt.

2. Thou Shalt Pay Attention to Timing. Many auto dealers discount inventory at the beginning of the New Year and over the summer. It is also a good time to shop interest sales with financial institutions (we currently have one running with very low rates). You would be surprised how much money you will save after refinancing, and your payments could even be lower.

3. Thou Shalt Keep an Eye on Interest Rates. Even if you are able to pay off most of credit cards and loans, the one debt most people can’t pay off is their home mortgage, which is why you should watch interest rates. When interest rates move down, it can be an opportunity to refinance your home loan and save money on your monthly mortgage payment. Come in and find out if now is the time to refinance and get your rate/payments lowered.

4. Thou Shalt Not Forget to Prioritize Your Retirement. Sadly we won’t live forever and saving for your retirement is a big deal. With the non-promise of social security, many of us will need to consider separate savings accounts, certificates of investment and IRA’s to prepare for our golden years. Access has many products that can get you started on the road to retirement.

These are just a few of recommendations from dailyfinance.com. Copy the link below for the full list and a detailed explanation of each. Come in and see us afterward with your questions or concerns. We will be glad to be your trusted advisors in whichever area of saving you want help with.