Whether it is your least favorite season or you have been counting the days until it arrived, summer is here. Kids are out, trips are mapped, weddings are planned, yards are green and flowers are blooming. Summer is always so exciting because you can go outside and enjoy the sunshine. No more hibernation. It’s time to spread your pasty wings in the sunshine. Here at the credit union we have several ways to help you enjoy the vitamin D that is summer. Our checking account can’t be beat. Come in now and open a checking account with direct deposit and you can choose between several awesome gifts, including a Yeti tumbler to keep your drinks cold or some gorgeous bake ware to take to the neighbor’s cookout. Maybe you are planning a wedding, ouch! We know that can be a real stinger in the finger, so we are now offering rates as low as 5.9% to help get you hitched. Is your AC unit on its last breath? We can help with that too. We have the products to get you through the upcoming heatwave, come see us!