Warming Up:

Winter is officially here and 2020 has ended. We think it is safe to say that 2020 was a wild ride to say the least. But better times are ahead. We hope that you and your family have made it through the pandemic safely and that your 2021 will be a prosperous year. Focus on being thankful, and practice being hopeful. 2020 taught us many valuable lessons that we should all implement into our future and allow us to make us better people. Thank you to our team and our members as we have navigated the pandemic the best we know how. Now, we have some exciting announcements for everyone!


Our new Mortgage Center is now open. This is our 4th location. We are extremely excited and thankful to have the opportunity to serve our members better with this location, the people that run it, and the products it can provide. If you are thinking about buying a home or refinancing your existing one, the ladies at our new mortgage center will guide you through this process!

2020 was our biggest year for Community Giving to date. In 2020, we allocated over $55,000 back to our community through donations, providing meals, and purchasing supplies. Check out our Community First Page here on the website for more details on everything we did in 2020!

Many people were financially impacted in 2020 and we are here to help. As we begin to transition into 2021 with optimism that the vaccine will slow the pandemic and near us to normalcy once again, you should focus on rebuilding anything you might have lost in 2020. From debt consolidation loans to help you out of credit card debt, to our budgeting software in our home banking, we can help guide you to financial security.

Again, we want to thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigated arguably the most difficult and confusing year we have all been through.

-Your Access Family