It seems like no matter where we look these days we are faced with the task of keeping our identity safe. We have been made aware of a cell phone scam from our savvy members and even local news outlets. Cell phone customers, mainly those of AT&T are being targeted. Customers receive an incoming phone call asking them to verify their account info and social security number. The caller ID on the cell phone shows the call coming from yourself. So, the scammers have used technology to make it look like they are calling you from AT&T with your number to verify your personal information. As always, we would advise you not to give any personal information out over the phone. AT&T has all your information already and would most likely never need to call you to ask for more. Please be cautious as we approach the holiday season. We can only assume that scammers will be doing the same thing only using credit card companies as we approach the shopping season. If you have any questions please feel free to call us. If you receive one of these phone calls and are unsure of its nature, feel free to hang up and call AT&T, or whatever company claiming to contact you. This are almost always phishing scams.