Buying a new car can be a fun and exciting process. It can also be an expensive and disappointing experience if you don’t plan ahead. By planning ahead you prepare yourself to get the best deal while car shopping. First, give us a call to get pre-approved. This will help you to know what price range your new auto should fall within. This will also give you an idea about our current interest rates. The rates offered by the credit union could save you thousands of dollars during the life of the loan. Second, most dealerships offer warranties, credit life and gap protection for your new purchase, so does your credit union (at a substantially lower cost often with better coverage.) Third, your new car could depreciate in value up to 20% depending on what type of car you purchase. So if you don’t plan on keeping your new automobile the entire life of the loan, you might consider buying a slightly used model. There are plenty of dependable and certified autos that still smell like new. These three tips alone will save you thousands of dollars just in the first stages of the buying process. If you have already purchased your vehicle, consider refinancing with the credit union, don’t procrastinate and call today!

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