President’s Message

The President’s Report - 2023

To Our Members,

Thank you for your membership and business at Access Community Credit Union.  Thank you for your continued trust in Access.  I’m grateful also for the leadership of our faithful board and dedicated team. We strive daily to help families, businesses, and our community achieve financial security.  2023 was perhaps the most challenging year Access and other financial institutions have faced in recent memory.  The combination of continued inflationary pressures and the most aggressive series of Federal Reserve interest rate hikes in over 40 years were the primary drivers.  I’m pleased to report that Access performed well during a very challenging 2023.

Economically speaking, 2023 was a continuation of 2022 with more inflation rates slowing loan demand but allowing deposit holders to finally earn more on their money.  Members were impacted in several ways, the first most obvious was the increased spending that is drawing down savings, along with slowed loan demand and putting off of major purchases such as cars and homes.  

Back in 2021, I posed the question- ‘Can rates ever really return to normal?  What exactly is normal?’ After nearly two decades of what most would call near zero fed funds could we be seeing the return of a higher normalized interest rate?  The Federal Reserve stopped hiking last summer, capping off the most aggressive set of hikes in 40 years (increasing the federal funds rate from .25% to 5.50% in 18 months).

The credit union originated approximately $73 million in gross loans during 2023 down from $97 million in gross loans 2022, and from $116 million in 2021.    During 2023 your credit union also worked hard to improve and offer relevant products for the rising rate environment.  Special-rate promotional Certificate of Deposits and our Reward Checking have been popular with the rapidly rising rates.  Other products and services added during 2023 include the following: 

  • Credit Sense- In App credit score/monitoring
  • Secure Two Way Texting- this has been a big hit!
  • Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • HELP Grants from Federal Home Loan Bank for first time home buyers 
  • Clover Merchant Services Card Processing for businesses
  • Small Business SBA 504 & 7A Loan guaranty programs
  • Quickbooks & Payroll (ACH) Integration for small business online banking

We always like to say, it matters where you bank.  Since 2019, the community first program combined with other community reinvestment has returned $496,000 to our local community.  Although our giving was down some from prior years with the margin squeeze, Access still allocated nearly $97,000 back to our community in 2023. Our community first committee is here to help folks in our community when life and tragedy strike on an individual and confidential basis.  More information on the different organizations that your membership helps support can be found on our website.  The committee is formed of non-senior management team members elected by their peers to evaluate situations and help when possible.  If you know of someone in need contact Logan Grimm at


Our financial condition remained solid during 2023, a reflection of sound oversight by the board and good stewardship by the leadership team.  The Credit Union’s 2023 Annual Report will be made available on our website very soon, but here listed below is a financial snapshot from 2023:         

  • Total Assets decreased slightly $194.8.9 million at year end 2023
  • Net loans grew by 2.2% - to $157.6 million outstanding at year end; a net increase of $3.4 million for the year; we made over $73 million in new loans during the year
  • Member deposits ended at $154.9 million, down 2.2%
  • Our Net Worth remains strong at 10.92%

Last Fall, the credit union also received the Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility Award presented by the Cornerstone League of Credit Unions.  We have an amazing team that passionately serves our faithful members and each other.  None of this would be possible without the trust and partnership our members have provided for over 70 years.  Once again, it matters where you choose to bank and we’re blessed to have your trust and support as we enter year number 71!  On behalf of our board and team, thank you! 

May you and your family be blessed in 2024! 



John Hays

President / CEO


With 4 locations and over 40 ATMs in Amarillo, and over 50,000 ATMs nationwide, you can be sure that you have Access whenever you need it.

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Access Community Credit Union is committed to serving all persons within our field of membership, including those with disabilities. We strive to make not only our physical branches accessible, but also to conform to WCAG 2.0 guidelines for website accessibility. Our efforts are ongoing including frequent testing and updates to improve accessibility. Should you have any problems accessing our branches or website, please call us at 1-800-687-2990 so that we may promptly assist you and remedy any accessibility concerns.

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Welcome to Access Community Credit Union in Amarillo, Texas! At Access Community Credit Union, we believe in providing our members with the financial tools they need to achieve their goals. As a not-for-profit financial institution, we return our profits back to our members in the form of better rates and lower fees. Our goal is to help you make the most of your money, and we strive to do this through a variety of products and services. Our Services: Checking and savings accounts Loan options, including personal, auto, and home loans Credit cards with competitive rates Online and mobile banking Investment services And more! Why Choose ACCU: Local decision making Personalized service Competitive rates A commitment to our community At Access Community Credit Union, we are more than just a financial institution. We are a part of the Amarillo community and we take pride in supporting and giving back to our neighbors. Visit us today and discover why Access Community Credit Union is the right choice for you and your financial future. OUR STORY In 1953, Southwestern Public Service CO (SPS) employees came together to establish Public Service Employees Credit Union. This not-for-profit cooperative would serve employees and their families growing financial needs under the mission of “people helping people.” As the company continued to grow, so did the credit union and in 1999 Public Service Employees Credit Union was renamed and rebranded as Access Credit Union and membership was opened to select employer groups. In July of 2003 Access was granted a community charter to allow anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Potter or Randall counties eligibility for membership. The credit union operates 4 branch locations in Amarillo: 6401 S. Bell, 201 Tascosa Road, 2531 Paramount Blvd, and the Mortgage Center, 6020 I-40 West. The credit union today looks vastly different from the one in 1953. In building on the mission of “people helping people,” the board and senior team began in the early 2000’s to refocus toward the future. “Helping You Build Financial Security” was defined as the credit union’s purpose statement under the foundational core values of “relationships, integrity and service.” Since that time the credit union has doubled in asset size, with growth sustained by making member focused decisions, and introducing member focused products and services. For Access, member focused means one thing, always providing “trusted advice” regardless of the issue or situation. We believe this helps more families in our community and those families will tell other families and friends. What makes us different than a bank? Bank profits generally benefit a group of shareholders who own stock in the bank. Credit union profits are returned by lower loan rates, and fees as well as higher dividend rates on deposits to all credit union members. Another major difference is that credit unions are governed by volunteer board of directors elected by the membership. At Access and at most credit unions these board members are not compensated monetarily. Simply put, credit unions offer many similar services of banks (loans, checking accounts, online banking, apps, etc) but serve a different purpose: to provide a better deal to the members. We offer you the tools to take control of your website's content. Ensure your placement in Google's ranking and increase your leads and conversions by keeping your content up to date and relevant with runCMS. runCMS does not rely on third party plugins that are prone to breakage. Instead, it is actively developed, hosted, and supported by the friendly and experienced staff at Run Business Solutions. That means that you don't need to worry about dealing with hard-to-reach, unreliable web hosting companies. runCMS is powerful and easy to use. We would love to show you how it works. 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