We just want to make everyone aware that there is a potential scam hitting cell phone users. A few of our members along with other Amarillio-ans have received a text messages that states to cardholders: “Your card has been deactivated, please call card services.” There is a number to respond to in which the scammer on the other end will use their crafty ways to phish for your card and account information. Do not respond to these clowns. Keep your personal information personal! The holiday season is a time when scammers and criminals are the most desperate and will use the chaos of the holidays to gain financial information. . Please use caution in all of your financial transactions. Access will not request information from you VIA text message. If you have been contacted or seen this scam in the last few days, please call us so we can take appropriate steps to protect you.
806-353-9999 or 242-4444