Attention account holders and community
We would like to make you aware of a scam that has made its way into our area. Checks are being sent to people for the purpose of advertisement wrapping on your vehicle. And as usual you are told to keep some for yourself and send a large portion back to an address that later turn out to be an abandoned house or building. This scam is also being sent out VIA text message so be aware. Our very own local new channel 10 aired a story with almost identical events just last night. We would like to advise you to be aware and cautious anytime you receive funds for which little to no work was actually performed. (A good rule of thumb to follow is that unless you are fighting for parking spots, receiving a direct deposit, participating in water cooler talk, or being invited to buy fundraiser cookie dough and wrapping paper for a coworker’s child, you might be working for a fake company.) Please follow the link below to make sure you are familiar with the story. You can never have too many arrows of defense in your quiver of financial security!