Most of us have succumbed to the temptation of Black Friday Shopping at some point in our life…and we have crawled out of bed to fight the early morning crowds to get that unbelievable bargain price. With that thought in mind let’s discuss some tips to making wise decisions on that infamous shopping day!
• Do your research- just because it’s offered at a reduced price…is it a good value, the quality product you think it is.
• Browse the deals before you go- compare prices for what you want to buy-
• Bring the ads with you…just to make sure you are getting the advertised item. Also some stores have the lowest price guarantee and you’ll need to prove the pricing.
• Be sure to know the return policy of the store and get a gift receipt so Christmas isn’t spoiled by getting stuck with the wrong size.
Now what does Access CCU want you to know to help you with your Black Friday shopping?
• We offer SKIP A PAYMENT for either November or December on your loans here at Access. Giving you access to extra funds for Christmas.
• If you can pay, cash for your gifts- but it you must use a credit card, Access has an excellent Platinum MasterCard with great rates and terms. If you’re using another credit card, we also have FREE BALANCE TRANSFERS.
• Use caution with your debit and credit cards while out shopping. Protect your cards and your PIN #s as well. Watch your accounts more closely during the Holidays so fraud doesn’t sneak it when you aren’t looking.
• Avoid Pay Day Lenders… they may seem to help but the long term consequences are severe. If you are in need of extra cash, start with Access.
Here at Access we count our blessings at this time of year. We live in a great community and are grateful for the membership of people who do business with us.