Have you made some financial decisions lately that you just weren’t sure about or felt like you didn’t have any other choice? Perhaps you bought a car on the weekend and just took the financing at the dealer because it was easy. Now you wonder if you could have gotten a better interest rate or terms on the loan.  That is just one part of a financial checkup. The other part is the credit report.

Ever wondered what your credit report is saying about you? Credit reports were built in such a way as to show to a certain degree the character of the person. They show the obvious things like how much you owe and how well you pay your monthly payments but do you realize there is more to be read from that credit report? You can gather info such as how well you handle your money, how reliable you are, your spending habits, and your relationship with money.  Let’s run down how we get all that from a piece of paper.

Ø How you handle your money:

o Of the open accounts you have; are your limits all maxed out? (This may also reflect how you take care of your home, cars, and other possessions.)

Ø How reliable you are:

o Does the credit report reflect you pay when you agreed to pay? (Often this is an indication if you keep your word.)

Ø Your Spending Habits:

o Are you opening new accounts often such as store credit cards? (Might indicate you are an impulse buyer)

Ø Your relationship with your money:

o Are you running your money or are you running to stay ahead of it? (Is your money working to prosper your life or keeping you just one step away from dire straits.)

If you are listening to any of the hype out there about the importance of your credit score and your personal financial status, you know it is mandatory to keep your finances full of positive information. Many companies you do business with base your premiums, your cost, and your interest rates off of this little number.

We’d like the opportunity to go over your credit report with you. We can clear up most questions you might have and help develop a plan to improve the score you have. Often we find ways we can save money on your current loans with better interest rates or terms.  Call Access and schedule a time we can sit down and discuss all this with you.

Isn’t it time for a financial checkup?