Sometimes it’s not about financial safety threats. Talk to your kids about Halloween safety. We’re always filling our kids with information intended to keep them safe, and Halloween should be no exception. Instead of simply saying, “Be safe” speak out about certain things your kids should look for like lights (see # 3) and explain why these Halloween safety rules are particularly important.
1. Keep your yard safe. Make sure it is free of debris or furniture that can be tripped over as kids run across your lawn.
2. Caution kids to walk, don’t run. Whether your children will be traveling along sidewalks or roadside, it’s always advisable for everyone to walk.
3. Carry a flashlight. Keep a flashlight handy to illuminate the way and stick only to the houses with lights on outside (and ideally the homes of people you and your kids know).
4. Watch for cars. In the spirit of the night, kids sometimes forget that not everyone goes Trick or Treating. And unfortunately drivers don’t always remember that IT’S A BIG NIGHT that requires extra care.
6. Dump the candy. Make sure you look at all the candy your child has collected. It will ensure the safety of the goodies and show your child what to look for.
5. Set expectations. Make sure you let the kids know how late they can be out and how much candy it’s ok to eat before going to bed. (And make sure all the kids brush their teeth!)

All of us at Access Community Credit Union wish you a Safe Halloween!