The holiday season is coming to an end. The lights are coming off of the houses and decorations are being put back in the attic. Family and friends travel back home and the kiddos return to school. You finally have a free minute to sit down and think about how busy the last few months have been. You remember who has your good casserole dish, where you left your mittens and then suddenly you remember a purchase made on a credit card that you rarely use! Panic sets in and you start to add up late fees and increased interest charges, red lights are going off in your mind. You hear sirens and have images of ruined credit and a lifetime of debt and heartache. Before the situations gets so bad we want to encourage you to sit down and look over your statements. Review all of your purchases to make sure everything adds up. With all the hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget something and then be surprised when the bill comes. This is also a great time to think about moving from a high rate credit card to an Access CCU low rate card. The savings could be more than you think. Our loan officers would be glad to handle the paperwork and the math. We will also pay off 1% of the transfer balance. The holidays are over and tax season lurks close by, get your finances straight and keep more money in your pocket for those warm days ahead!