Fraud is on the rise all across the country. Below is a list of examples that we often see people fall victim to.


  • Someone you have never met sends you a check, money order, or electronic deposit and wants you to exchange if for gift cards, cashier's checks, transfers, crypto, or to send cash back to them.
  • Someone is claiming to be Access, or another institution, attempting to gain your personal or account information.
  • You receive money for a good or service that seems too good to be true or a payment for a job you have not yet performed, including secret shopping a local business.
  • Someone wants to use your account for their deposit.
  • You meet a military member or significant other online or on social media and they need your help with travel or other expenses.
  • You are asked to send any amount of money back to someone for overpayment, fees, taxes, etc.
  • Someone wants to pay you to wrap your vehicle for marketing purposes.


If you believe that you are a victim of fraud, or if you have concerns about a transaction or situation you are in, you can:

  • Contact us immediately. Either call us at 806-353-9999 or send us a message now by clicking HERE.
  • Lock your debit cards. In our app and home banking, you can click on the "MY CARDS" selection and turn your debit cards off/on.
  • Or call 800-391-8997, 24/7.


  • If you are suspicious about a check, phone call, or transaction, ask us if we can verify the check or place it on a hold to protect you.
  • Slow down and analyze the situation. Ask yourself if the person you are communicating with is making sense. Do you have a personal relationship with that person? Have you met them? Do you completely trust them?
  • Communicate with us. We are here to help protect you.



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