On a recent excursion to get a haircut, the young woman who was charged with trimming my mane diligently offered several products to increase the fullness and luster of my growing head of hair. I take pride in my ability to say “no thanks” when I am approached with any additional services as a consumer. However this young lady was very persuasive and I ended up with a $20 haircut and $27 bottle of shampoo. You can’t escape it. Everywhere you go services and products are paired with extended warranties, additional services, repair plans, air filters, and of course, a deep moisturizing shampoo. The truth is, in most situations you can probably get away with the singular product you came in for. So when should you consider adding warranties and additional services? The answer is simply when it pays off in the long run. The average daily cost of an MMP warranty is about .60 cents per day, whereas a single visit to a mechanic can cost anywhere from $200-$2500. And that is just one visit for a minor repair. Now compare that to my buzz cut and a thirty dollar bottle of soap. The ingredients were the same as my $4 bottle and I can likely find that under the seat of my car, $500 on the other hand for a new window regulator may have me considerably more stressed. This is why the credit union offers several extended warranties, usually at rates lower than the dealership. With coverage ranging from silver to platinum, we can get you protected even if you have already purchased and probably save you some cash for a new haircut!