If you’ve ever tried purchasing an airline ticket or renting a car without a solid credit card then you probably understand the title of this post. That said, even though we all need some form of plastic in order to live financially secure, not all cards are created equally. At Access, all rates are truly fixed and don’t fluctuate. In fact, in our program history, we’ve never adversely changed a rate on a member and we won’t. You get the rate you signed up for, regardless of whether you use the card for purchase or cash advances. This was designed to be the opposite of what you find prevalent in the industry. There are no annual fees and perhaps the biggest perk is that we do NOT fee for a balance transfer, that’s right, not a single penny to transfer a balance (the avg. fee is usually 3% of the amount). It’s simple: you qualify for one of three rates depending on your credit history and/or relationship with ACCU. The best rate offered is 7.49% APR and the highest rate is 12.4% APR (still better than many of the best rates offered by the major credit card companies), and we have an 8.69% for those who fall in between. So why would we design such a consumer friendly card? Would it have not been more shrewd from a “business sense” to still charge a fee or a higher interest rate but one still below our peers? Yes, no doubt that it would be easier to keep our program profitable that way and we can’t promise that we can always keep this exact setup. The truth is that the more business that we have the opportunity to earn from your family and your friends, the longer we can sustain programs such as this one. When you choose to keep your car loans with Access or even other local financial institutions those dollars are reciprocated in many ways. If you have our credit card, an auto loan or our checking account- thanks for choosing Access. If your happy with what you are experiencing, the best thing you can do is tell others- by the way if you refer a friend or family to bank with us (All Access Checking account)- we pay you $25.