Access All Stars

At Access CCU we know that our employees are what set us apart. We have been extremely lucky over the years to have employees who care about our vision of being trusted financial advisors. They have given endless hours of selfless service to our membership and community. Not only are they a standout performer when it comes to serving our members, they are also important to us as coworkers. Each Access All Star is nominated by their coworkers and recognized in front of the entire staff for their outstanding performance. We are grateful for their dedication and service. Get to know each one below:


ACCESS All Star, 3rd Quarter 2017

Ashlee Buckley

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than a familiar face. One of those familiar faces at Access CCU is Ashlee Buckley. Ashlee has been with the credit union for 3 years and has served our membership as a Member Service Specialist and currently as a Lending Assistant. Ashlee has become a familiar face to so many of our members that they follow her from location to location when she transfers. She has become a member favorite, and we don’t mind that at all. Not only is Ashlee a member favorite, her coworkers are fond of her as well. Her coworkers have said that she is a joy to work with because of her ability to connect with anyone anywhere. Ashlee has built long lasting relationships with our members and her teammates. She cares about the people she serves and that’s what makes her an Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 2nd Quarter 2017

Lindsey Barclay

The credit union movement is all about member centered focus. It is a mentality that cannot be taught. You either have a servant’s heart or you don’t. Lucky for us and our membership, Lindsey Barclay has that member centered focus and servant’s heart. Lindsey is our senior loan officer and you can bet if you call her for any type of loan, she is going to take care of you. She has a positive and upbeat attitude that members and coworkers appreciate. She isn’t afraid to tell a dealership that they aren’t giving our members a good deal. Her name strikes fear in the finance offices of dealerships all over the panhandle. You can rest easy knowing Lindsey is on your side and working for you. Her coworkers complimented her willingness to help whenever she is needed. She gives her undivided attention to her members. She is always encouraging and has played a vital role in building the loan department. She is beloved by the members she serves and people she works with. These are just a few of the many reasons Lindsey is our Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 1st Quarter 2017

Terri Van Doren

Around the credit union there are certain people who become your “go-to” for answers and special tasks. That person, despite being extremely busy will stop in their tracks to help you out. If you have been a member of Access CCU for longer than about 4 minutes, you know this person is Terri Van Doren. Terri has been with the credit union for 36 years and in that time has become well versed in things Access. She can be found answering questions about loans, marketing, new accounts, payments, teller transactions and just about anything that comes up. Her coworkers love her. It isn’t uncommon to walk by her office and see several people huddled around her and her computer, while she takes time to teach. Terri is a giving coworker who always makes the membership her first priority. Terri has a joyful personality that attracts people to her. Terri is an All Star both at work and at home, we are grateful to have her on our team. Congratulations Terri.

ACCESS All Star, 4th Quarter 2016

Cindy Persefield

At Access CCU during our 64 years of business we have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people. 17 years ago a young lady came to work for Access CCU and forever set a standard for kindness and dedication. Cindy Persefield is that kind and dedicated employee, and deservedly so, the 4th quarter Access All Star. Cindy is easily one of the most loved members of the Access CCU staff, you can ask anyone. When asked to describe Cindy and why she was chosen, her coworkers and friends described her as sweet and generous, with a smile that never stops. You can pop into Cindy’s office and she will be sitting there eager to help coworker or member with whatever task they may have. She is knowledgeable and always willing to help. Cindy goes above and beyond for her peers and the members. Her personality and character have a positive energy that radiate throughout the credit union. We appreciate Cindy and all that she does to serve our members. There is no denying that our dear Cindy, is definitely an Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 3rd Quarter 2016

Cecile Ramos

It is always nice to walk into a business that you frequent and be recognized by name. You make your way through the lobby and see a familiar and friendly face. For many of our members this friendly face and sweet disposition belongs to Cecile. Cecile has been at the credit union for over a year and has made several lifelong friends with her coworkers and members. She is arguably one of the member’s favorite tellers. Just to name a few of the great things that Cecile has be noticed for is her great capacity for caring. She often runs to open doors for those might need help. She has a bright smile and always greets our members as soon as they walk through the door. There is no doubt that Cecile loves the credit union and its many members. Her great attitude and caring heart are what make her the Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 2nd Quarter 2016

Diandra Elliot

Diandra has been with the credit union for over 3 years. If you have ever called our service center, you have probably heard her friendly voice. If you have had a title question recently she has probably been behind the answer. Diandra has been taking care of our community and our membership in a variety of positions. She was selected anonymously by her coworkers who have said that she is a reliable asset. She is both positive and kind, to members and coworkers. She does her work with a smile and is always helpful. You also won’t hear her complain. She constantly strives to help others. Diandra is an example to all of us here at the credit union. She treats everyone with respect and makes the day brighter. Diandra we would like to thank you for being you and making work fell less like work and more like a weekday treat! You are definitely an Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 1st Quarter 2016

Johnnye Turpin


Johnnye has worked selflessly over many years to help serve not only the membership, but also to help train others. As the credit union’s loan portfolio has grown, she has helped us to deliver on our service promises and helped to expand our process to accommodate growth and branches. Johnnye is as dedicated and as hard working as they come. Johnnye is one of our most tenured employees and when she retires, her absence will surely be missed. We thank you Johnnye for your years of leadership and service, you are truly an Access All Star.