Access All Stars

At Access CCU we know that our employees are what set us apart. We have been extremely lucky over the years to have employees who care about our vision of being trusted financial advisors. They have given endless hours of selfless service to our membership and community. Not only are they standout performers when it comes to serving our members, they are important to us as coworkers. Each Access All Star is nominated by their fellow employees and recognized in front of the entire staff for their outstanding performance. We are grateful for their dedication and service. Get to know each one below:

There are some individuals in this world that have a constant positive outlook, calm attitude, and steady integrity no matter what is thrown at them. Our collections Assistant, Ali Epps, is one of these people. Ali has shown that she is always ready to help and able to work with whatever is handed to her, all while keeping a smile on her face. Her coworkers describe her as “Always has a smile on her face and eagerness in her voice” and being a “super fast learner”. We don’t know what we would do without Ali and are excited to see her growth. Great job, Ali, and welcome to the Access All Star Club.

ACCESS All Star, 4th Quarter 2019

Ali Epps

Ali Epps and Sherri Alexander
Generosity and understanding are brand imperatives for every team member at Access. We love having the opportunity to help our membership with all their financial needs regardless of how challenging they might seem. Helping others is what we love. It is at the core of who we are and what we do. Kuyler Amos is the quintessential example of an employee with a perfectly positive attitude, and eager to assist everyone who comes through our doors.  Now the Member Service Lead, Kuyler always been quick to learn, ready to help, and a calming influence. Fellow co-workers describe Kuyler as “Always helpful and positive” and as someone who “Never loses her composure”. Because of the impact she has made on all of us and our membership, we welcome Kuyler to the Access All-Star Club. Congratulations Kuyler!


Kuyler Amos

Keith Hubbard, Kuyler Amos, Vanessa Rodriquez
The team at Access likes making people happy. This means with each other and with our members. We believe that having a positive and energetic work environment improves productivity and helps put a smile on every member’s face who walks in the door. Lara Rice, who is one of our Member Service Specialists, is a perfect example of what makes the team at Access unique. From calling people and leaving them a singing voicemail, to providing a warm smile to everyone she greets, Lara is wonderful and positive team player. Lara is described as being a warm and calming person to be around who can always make you smile. Welcome to the Access All Star Club, Lara. We couldn’t do it without you


Lara Rice

*Pictured Left To Right: Vanessa Rodriquez, All-Star Adyson Weatherly, Briana Dominguez
Helping people is what Access strives for. From the simplest of tasks, to credit counseling or the complexities of purchasing a new home, Access team members are here to work for and with our membership. Our primary goal is to deliver integrity and trust with a positive attitude to everyone we come into contact with daily. Karena Gonzalez, who is a Member Service Representative, is the perfect example of those attributes. Fellow co-workers describe her as having a “very bubbly personality” – always willing to help wherever and whenever she is needed – making certain that Members are taken care of first and foremost. You are a cherished Access Team Member Karena! Congratulations on becoming an Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 4th Quarter 2018

Karena Gonzalez

Vanessa Rodriguez, Karena Gonzalez, Keith Hubbard

The importance of each Access team member will never go unnoticed. Working hard to achieve a focused common goal, each of us is dedicated to supporting members by helping them build and achieve financial security. Wesley Shannon, our Senior IT Specialist, exemplifies the truest sense of a winning Access team player. Since joining us in September of 2015, he has been dedicated, diligent and a positive force to all those he interacts with. 

ACCESS All Star, 3rd Quarter 2018

Wesley Shannon

Brad Dewey, EVP/Chief Financial Officer with All Star winner Wesley Shannon

The importance of each Access team member will never go unnoticed. Working hard to achieve a focused common goal, each of us is dedicated to supporting members by helping them build and achieve financial security. Wesley Shannon, our Senior IT Specialist, exemplifies the truest sense of a winning Access team player. Since joining us in September of 2015, he has been dedicated, diligent and a positive force to all those he interacts with. 


ACCESS All Star, 2nd Quarter 2018

Briana Dominguez

(L-R) Lindsay Edwards, Vice President of Lending, All Star Winner Briana Dominguez, Service Center Lead, and Vanessa Rodriquez, Manager of Member Service

Access Community Credit Union has always strived on providing friendly and honest member service. From making a simple deposit, to financing your new home, the team at Access has always made our members feel right at home and the top of our priority. Briana Dominguez is an excellent example of what our values are. Briana, who is now the Service Center Leader, has tied together happiness, positivity, and integrity in everything she does. Other team members have described Briana as someone who “works extremely hard without being asked” and “always happy, upbeat, and ready to work.” Briana can always put a smile on anyone’s face who walks through the door or gives us a call. She is not only a true team player, but an amazing friend to all, a problem solver, and a person who will make your day better just by talking to her. Way to go Briana! Your hard work, positivity, and initiative has now made you an Access All Star.


ACCESS All Star, 1st Quarter 2018

Alison Mullican

Brad Dewey, EVP/Chief Financial Officer, with All Star Winner Alison Mullican, Sr. Accountant
When you walk into Access Community Credit Union you see familiar people and faces. But, truth is, those people are only a part of our success as a credit union. Our back office also has many stars. We refer to them as our hidden treasures. One of them is Alison Mullican, Senior Accountant. Alison has only been with Access for a short time, yet she has made a big impact. She came to Access eager to work and has quickly become an important asset to the team. Things other employees say about Alison are; she is always so friendly and helpful, no matter what the task and she is a team player. Because she works in the back office, not many people have the opportunity to interact with her. But, when given the chance, everyone is pleased to work with her. We are excited to have Alison on our team and are proud to name her the first quarter Access All Star. Congratulations Alison!

ACCESS All Star, 4th Quarter 2017

Breanna Long

(L-R) Vanessa Rodriquez, Member Service/Service Center Member, All Star Winner Breanna Long, Service Center Team Lead, and John Hays, President & CEO.
Access Community Credit Union has roots that stretch back almost 65 years. That’s a long time to be a part of a community. Many factors contribute to this long lasting success. One of those is the “secret sauce” you will often hear spoken within our walls. We like to think our secret sauce is our outstanding staff. It’s the main ingredient that makes us stand out. That “secret sauce” is made from the hard work and dedication from employees like Breanna Long. Breanna started her career at Access as a Member Service Representative and has since taken over leading our internal call/service center as Service Center Team Leader. Her coworkers who nominated her had only the highest of praises for her. Breanna was described as patient, hardworking, knowledgeable, and ready to serve. Breanna has become the go-to person for questions from new employees. It isn’t uncommon to see her fill in whenever we might be short staffed. She is a true team player. She leads her team and sets an example for the rest of the credit union. She is the perfect example of the Access Credit Union “secret sauce.” We are fortunate to have her on our team and that’s why she is our 4th Quarter Access All Star.

ACCESS All Star, 3rd Quarter 2017

Ashlee Buckley

Nothing makes you feel more comfortable than a familiar face. One of those familiar faces at Access CCU is Ashlee Buckley. Ashlee has been with the credit union for 3 years and has served our membership as a Member Service Specialist and currently as a Lending Assistant. Ashlee has become a familiar face to so many of our members that they follow her from location to location when she transfers. She has become a member favorite, and we don’t mind that at all. Not only is Ashlee a member favorite, her coworkers are fond of her as well. Her coworkers have said that she is a joy to work with because of her ability to connect with anyone anywhere. Ashlee has built long lasting relationships with our members and her teammates. She cares about the people she serves and that’s what makes her an Access All Star.