The New Year is here. Great… how is it going to be different from last year or the year before that? Have you been struggling with your finances but can’t seem to get anywhere? Maybe you just need a fresh look at how to start plugging away at paying off debt or improving your monthly payments. Here are some common places we may be able to help:
Auto Loans– Is your car financed at the best rate you can qualify for? We may be able to lower your rate and your payments.
Credit Cards– Is your interest rate high? Do you have unnecessary fees on your card? Penalty interest rates for late payments, fees for balance transfers, over-limit fees, yearly renewal fees. Access CCU has several credit cards with affordable rates. Our Platinum MasterCard is as low as 7.49% APR with none of those fees! Transfer your balance to an affordable card free!
Bill Consolidation– Do you have equity in your home which you can use to consolidate several bills and greatly lower your monthly payments. This may free up money every month to pay down other debt faster or just finally have enough paycheck to get through the month.
Emergency Funds– Remember emergency funds are vital for keeping out of tight spots in the future. Nothing messes up your budget faster than to “rob Peter to pay Paul”. Being able to pull money out of a savings account to pay for repairs or unexpected bills allows you to keep your budget on track.
Take time to sit down and look at your financial picture and see if any of these suggestions might help you. Call the Access Loan Team to help you evaluate your situation to see if we have some solutions to help make 2014, the year things began to turn around for you and your family!