Today Access was notified that some of our member debit cards may be involved in a security breach with a major retail store, Target. We are in the process of closing these cards for our members and contacting each person on the list of this status. In most cases there has been no fraudulent activity to date. We are taking precautions to make sure none will occur. Please be reminded that as we call our members we will not be asking for debit card numbers as we already have this information. We will only be calling to let you know your card has been compromised and that you can come into our office for a replacement right away. This is a great time for fraudster to try to trick you into revealing your card information to them. DO NOT GIVE ANYONE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ACCOUNTS OVER THE PHONE!
We encourage you to monitor your account carefully even if you are not contacted about a compromise. Please feel free to call our office if you have any questions or anything appears out of the normal. For your convenience our lobbies will be open until 6:00p.m., Thursday, 12/19 and Friday 12/20 to allow you to come in for a new card.

For more information about the Target breach click on the link below: