It is the season for shopping madness but you better believe there are criminals out there that want to make easy work of stealing your hard earned money. Here at Access we’d like to caution you to keep your guard up. Here are some steps to make the bad guy’s job alittle harder:
1) Carry Essentials only- this means your drivers license, credit card (not more than one or two at a time)-whatever you need for that day. Leave your social security, library, or any other cards with your name on them at home.
2) Shred, Shred, Shred- Shred your bills and mail with personal identifying information before tossing it in the trash.
3) Monitor Your Bills- Watch credit card bills closely, additional attention to your bills will help you catch fraud early!
4) Cybershop Safe- Only shop on reputable websites, look for “https” and the padlock logo in the address bar. If you think you have mistakenly used a unsafe website, call Access and let us know!
5) Password Refresh- Prior to cybershopping, consider changing your account passwords. Use creative passwords with special characters and a mix of numbers and letters.
6) Credit Report Monitoring- check your credit- set up alerts and monitors that alert you when someone applies for credit with your name.
7) Never give out information about your credit or debit cards to anyone on the phone or email- remember we don’t ask for such information!