You may have noticed that at Access we like to keep things simple. We believe simplifying and reducing expenses will make for a happier life and is not as hard as you may think. Here are a couple ideas we have that can save you money:

Ditch the satellite or cable bill. Not only can you watch most shows online, you can also watch them whenever you want (goodbye DVR fee!).

Cook at home. Use inexpensive staple items such as potatoes, rice, and pasta. Most fresh vegetables are fairly inexpensive either at your grocery store or farmer’s market. Have a cheap and easy-to-make recipe? Share it with us!

Bring lunch from home. It may not be as exciting but you will save a bundle. Plus, you’d probably be eating healthier as opposed to eating out.

Brew your coffee. Brew your coffee and grab a travel mug to take it to work rather than buying it on the way.
Public libraries offer much more than books. Stop paying for movie rentals when you can get them for free at your local library. You can also check out CDs and access the internet.

Do a game night. For families or couples, a game night provides tons of laughter and is way more fun than going to the movies or the mall.

Have potlucks with friends. Everyone gets to eat yummy food and you’ll enjoy socializing with your friends.
Avid soda drinker? Switch to iced tea and brew it from home. It costs pennies and is healthier for you.

Save money on stamps and pay your bills electronically. Our online Bill Payer is free!

No matter how small it may seem, the little things all add up to big savings. What are your money saving strategies? How are you tightening your budget?